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Scholarly Articles


Scholarly Articles

Here is a collection of scholarly articles that support the existence of Sasquatch

Nat Geo 2003

Article published in October of 2003. While old, I wouldn't say it is outdated. This article provides first hand encounters from several highly published Bigfoot enthusiasts, along with claims from forensic experts who claim that Bigfoot is in fact real.

Popular Mechanics Article

This article gives a good overview of the North American Bigfoot and it's history. Everything from the Patterson Gimlin film to the story behind the Gigantopithecus Theory. Along with the history, this Popular Mechanics article touches on the findings of a few credible scientists who claim that the Sasquatch species is likely to exist.

Dr Jeff Meldrum Article

Not written by Dr Meldrum but instead written about him. This article does a nice job highlighting what Dr Meldrum is all about. Meldrum is a professor of Anthropology and Anatomy at Idaho State University, and is an advid Bigfoot believer.