The Snow Walker Footage (January)

Updated: Jan 31

This is a classic piece of Bigfoot footage that anyone in the Sasquatch world should be aware of. It was captured in 1992 in the Himalayan Mountains, and first aired to the public when it was featured in a 1996 TV show on Paramount called "Paranormal Borderland."

The story with this sighting is that a couple recorded this creature while hiking the mountains. At least that is what the show leads the viewer on to believe. However, it has been hypothesized and talked about that this footage was actually created by the show's producers in order to have some content to show. This has not been definitively proven to my knowledge, but word of mouth has been that someone that worked close to the show admitted it.

All things considered, I can't take that claim as the cold hard truth. Many prominent Bigfoot researchers had claimed this footage to be the real deal when it was first released. Of those include Jeff Meldrum and Igor Bourstev among others. Obviously that does not mean it is 100% real, but they have studied hoaxes and legitimate sightings for years, and their claims definitely hold some amount of weight. For a plethora of credible researchers to claim this to be real when it first was released, along with it supposedly being shot in the middle of nowhere at freezing cold temperatures, at the very least provides some type of hope that this may actually be a Sasquatch.

My final thoughts on this sighting are that it is inconclusive. The footage itself is convincing, and the story aligns pretty well even with it being so simple. The creature looks massive, and the gait is almost picture perfect toward the end of the clip when it comes into focus. It is supposedly in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains, which isn't exactly a place you'd find strangers walking leisurely. With that being said, the rumor is quite eye brow raising. It is merely a rumor, so I can't take it for fact, but it had to come from somewhere. If it is true, it is pretty disappointing. If not, it may be some of the best footage the Sasquatch world has, and truly a remarkable image to show people who may be unfamiliar with the thought of the Yeti actually being real.

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