Tricouni Peak Bigfoot (February)

The Tricouni Peak footage is a really interesting piece of footage for reasons that just feel like common sense. This was filmed by a Wildlife Biologist named Myles Lamont in 2012 while hiking Tricouni Peak in British Columbia with a buddy of his. They noticed this creature below them in the valley of the mountain peak and started filming.

One thing to point out right away, and is noted by Lamont himself in the video, is that this creature does not appear to be traveling with any gear. Let's be honest, if Lamont and his buddy were up there, so could anyone. Even if they were up there for job purposes, they aren't the only Wildlife Biologists in the world and it is entirely possible for someone else to be there. That being said, this is an incredibly remote and dangerous area. If someone else were up there, it'd have to be for some purpose similar to Lamont's. I find it highly unlikely that they'd be traveling with no gear whatsoever at altitudes and temperatures of that environment. Although the creature is a distance away, you are able to tell that whatever that being is, it does not appear to be carrying any sort of hiking gear with it.

To go off of the topic of what we can actually see from this video, it is so far away that it is near impossible to make any judgements on size and/or speed at which it is moving. To me, I'm trusting Lamont to an extent. I don't know the guy, but like a lot of Bigfoot videos, a big part of making a decision on credibility of a sighting is how credible the witness is. As a Wildlife Biologist, I would imagine he is quite equipped at identifying species in the wild, especially ones that inhabit areas he is familiar with. If he spots a bipedal creature and is totally stumped by what it is, I would tend to lean toward it being a Sasquatch.

So to me, knowing a Wildlife Biologist is claiming that this creature is moving at unfathomable speeds with 0 evidence of any hiking gear in an extremely remote and dangerous area of our planet, leads me to believe that Lamont may have filmed a Canadian Sasquatch back in 2012. I guess a black bear would be possible, however Lamont is adamant that this creature was on two legs. Let me know what you think about this one.

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